Our Story

Beautifully Made is a social enterprise birthed out of Take the City's Redeem initiative. Redeem's vision is that commercial sexual exploitation would be completely eradicated. Redeem has many different aspects including a 24/7 rescue hotline, emergency safe home, street outreach, and online intervention. As Redeem has grown we have realized the biggest hindrance to people in addiction and trafficking staying free, even after a long term recovery centers, is the lack of a job and the lack of a strong community that would inspire and encourage them to reach their life goals and dreams! We also have a ministry training school that they can enter into and, through working in Beautifully made, can pay their tuition and help with living costs. 100 percent of profit goes to this mission. 

Our Mission

Beautifully Made creates high-quality effective beauty products to empower women to reach the fullness of their life calling, while helping to rescue those still stuck in trafficking, and many other forms of bondage.