Triathlon Cyclist says the products helped calm her Actinic Keratosis!

During this Christmas season Beautifully Made online orders have increased significantly and amongst all the orders we are getting a few people willing to share their stories and thoughts of the products. Today, an order came in for four creams and an email from the customer. She shared the following in the thread: "I just ordered four more beautifully made creams! I bought some at the Freedom to Flourish conference and it really is amazing! I have actinic keratosis and this product has calmed it down significantly. I can't wait to share it with my girlfriends."

Her name is Cathy Alford she is a leadership coach and triathlon cyclist. We are so grateful for her being a part of the Beautifully Made community and being open to share her incredible story! If you would like to share what you think about the products or get involved please reach out. We also need people who are able to help with marketing and sales. If you would like to get involved message us! Find us on Facebook @beautifullymadeproducts